Our Process
Great Oak Roofing GAF Certified

We use a proven certified process to fulfill your roofing request.

Step 1

Designing Your New Roof

We will start the process with our project manager meeting who will review the roof options and build the contract for your ideal roof, while staying within your budget.

Step 2

Pre-Construction Meeting

Once the contract is complete we will set up a pre-construction meeting. We will go over all the details in your meeting with your project manager and the owner. We will make sure there is a smooth process and answer any questions you have. Then you will set up your install dates.

Step 3


Our certified crew and team of experts will arrive on your designated install day. We will review the contract and make sure all colors, materials, and tools are accurate for your job.

Step 4

Drone Fly-Over

After installation we will have Drone image view to review your new roof. This will give use a chance to make sure your new roof is perfect.